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Pest inspections are essential as a house, building or surrounding landscaping can be affected by any one of several wood destroying pests. Of particular concern are termites (commonly called “white ants”) which can render a house structurally unsound, sometimes in as little as 2 years. Repairs can be expensive and they are not covered by household insurance.

A pest report locates current activity, as well as old damage.

Termites are of a major concern when purchasing a property, as termites can cause significant structural damage in concealed areas. Termites do not come out into the open, but only work in concealed areas which are not visible or accessible for an untrained person to identify. A properly completed pest inspection will locate termite entry in accessible areas, as well as provide information on treatment.

In extreme cases termites can cause significant structural damage due to infestation in concealed areas to the extent that the building can be condemned as structurally unsound.

Termites work in a sophisticated colony system and a thorough knowledge of each type of termite and how to manage termites is required. Pest Control does not exist nor does “an annual spray” have any relevance. Pest Management is now required where an infestation is managed correctly and eradicated. Also, a pest inspection can provide information on how to reduce the risk of factors to a lower level.

Contact DHBA and they can organise a pest inspection with a highly qualified pest operator for your current property, or property you are purchasing.


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