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Dilapidation Condition Reports

A Dilapidation report is often referred to as a Condition report as it reflects the condition of a building or property. A thorough dilapidation report by a suitably qualified building expert is often a condition of approval by the local Council authority. A Dilapidation report will document any building defects, as well as the condition of a building, the property and often the Council asset adjoining the property. This is strongly recommended prior to undertaking any building work, including additions to a house before construction commences.

A professional Dilapidation report will document any cracks and defects, as well as the general condition of adjoining properties to where the building work is about to commence.

This report along with an extensive number of high clarity and resolution photographs will protect a homeowner against future claims for defects/cracks, or deterioration, which existed prior to the commencement of building works.

We often have comments from owners of adjoining properties that they had not seen or were unaware of cracks within their house or property that were identified in our Dilapidation report prior to commencement of building works. Had this situation not been documented, then this would leave the owner or builder of the property where building works were being undertaken, liable for claims to re-mediate defects or cracks which were evident in the adjoining properties after completion of building works.

The advantage of DHBA undertaking a Dilapidation or Condition report includes the following :

  • 24 years experience in identifying defects within buildings
  • a thorough reporting system along with high resolution photographs
  • accurate reporting on a property including areas which are at risk of impact from building works in an adjoining property
  • Three (3) hard copies and a PDF copy on CD are provided which can be handed to the local Council, construction certifiers, as well as owners of adjoining properties.

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