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Building your dream home is usually a once in a lifetime experience where professional advice is critical to achieve an acceptable outcome. The situation that usually arises is that the homeowner has little, if any, building knowledge and relies upon the builder, as well as a substantial number of contractors, to complete the building work to an acceptable standard. This places the owner in a position where they are not able to foresee building issues or defects and are not sure how to achieve an acceptable finish. Most homeowners rely upon the situation where “it does not look right”.

A DHBA inspection during the course of construction of a new home covers a multitude of trades and possible defects. These inspections are critical at relevant stages of the construction so that the building can be completed to an acceptable standard with little, or no, minor defects upon completion.

Having an understanding of building construction and the support of a professional during the course of constructing a new home, will significantly reduce the risk of defects appearing, as well as disputes over building works which can result in later litigation and building claims.

DHBA inspectors are certified under Workcover to enter building sites and carry all the relevant insurances, as required by building contractors to enter a building site.

The reports are completed on an individual basis and highlight any likely future defects as well as compare the standard of construction completed to the Building Code of Australia, as well as many Australian Standards which cover the construction of a building.

The 25 years experience in inspecting buildings is an assurance that your new home will be completed to a satisfactory standard and with the best interest of the homeowner in mind.


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