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Purchasing a house, unit or townhouse can be stressful enough without purchasing a property that is affected by significant defects which may not be obvious to an untrained person. More Info.


Building your dream home is usually a once in a lifetime experience where professional advice is critical to achieve an acceptable outcome.  More Info.


DHBA (David Hall Building Appraisals) provides building expert reports as part of the litigation support for matters which are before the Consumer Trader and Tenancy Tribunal (NCAT) or the Court.  More Info.


A Dilapidation report is often referred to as a Condition report as it reflects the condition of a building or property. A thorough dilapidation report by a suitably qualified building expert. More Info.


Unit living has become far more accepted over the last 20 years, be that for lifestyle, convenience or location. Unit living can incorporate many types of developments including townhouses, villas and community title developments.  More Info.


Building defects can range from structural cracking in buildings, leaking showers, water ingress to buildings, rising dampness, condensation mould, sagging in roof framework & deterioration.  More Info.


Pest inspections are essential as a house, building or surrounding landscaping can be affected by any one of several wood destroying pests.  More Info.


An asbestos identification report is designed to document all areas where an asbestos product exists within a building or a property. More Info.

Building and Home Inspections and Reports in Sydney

DHBA (David Hall Building Appraisals) undertakes pre-purchase building inspections, dilapidation and defect inspection on houses, homes as well as units, townhouses, villas and apartments. Expert witness and litigation support is given for a wide range of areas in Court and NCAT (Fair Trading) matters. Building and pest inspections are completed by experienced consultants and cover Sydney and surrounding areas. Identification of asbestos materials can be included. New house, home and unit inspections cover defects in construction. Properties are given an appraisal and the client is provided with a detailed written report which include photographs. DHBA was created in 1986 with the vision of providing a professional service and detailed reporting on building defects and issues, as well as providing detailed building expertise to purchasers of a property. This requires a thorough and extensive knowledge of the Building Code and Acceptable Tolerances to identify building construction and then identify what defects exist and from there being able to provide positive solutions. Additionally, it has always been a requirement to remain at the forefront of building knowledge and remain up-to-date with products and applications. Our experts are required to have a thorough knowledge of all building construction whether it be a 120 year old house with dampness issues or a new unit building that is showing signs of cracks or water leaks. Further, the support staff are able to provide assistance to clients and follow up with accurate reporting on what has been found by the building experts. The reports include photographs, where appropriate, as well as references to required Building Standards or practises. As an extension of expertise available, we undertake assistance with Expert Reports with claims before the Courts or the NCAT (Fair Trading). These reports require a further depth of building knowledge and the ability to provide substantiation of what the defect is and solutions that are appropriate. Pest inspections are completed by competent and licensed pest inspectors whom undertake a thorough inspection of the building and property and then provide a report on their findings. This allows our inspectors to focus on their expertise and, if required, follow through with recommendations and assistance in managing any pest issues. Dilapidation reports are condition reports on a building or property that are completed prior to construction works in an adjoining area. Our experts evaluate what impact the works in an adjoining area will have on a building and then provide a detailed inspection and report with photographs.

Building Report News


Sydney real estate agents are offering a building report to prospective buyers.  The vendor building and pest reports are commissioned by the current owner to assist in the sale of their property.  While this on face value is a good idea, it can in some cases have...
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Vendor Reports

People buying a house or unit in NSW, mainly Sydney, are being offered a building report by the real estate agent.  This practice has become more evident over the last 12 months.  While some of these reports are reasonable, a prospective buyer of a property should be...
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Residential high-rise constructions

Exemption from Home Building Compensation Fund From 31 December 2003, construction on unit buildings over 3 storeys of residential did not require consumer protection from the Home Building Compensation Fund.  That protection was only available to smaller developments...
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Requirement to protect children and people falling

Requirements to protect children falling from houses, but also unit buildings of any height. The protection of openable windows and handrails have long been an issue where people, especially children, are at risk of falling from a height and being injured, or worse....
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New energy criteria for all new buildings

From July 1st, 2004 all new buildings, including units and additions will need to meet the requirements of BASIX. At the time of lodging plans with Council, an additional certificate will need to be presented before approval is given. The building designer or...
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Restricted builders licence and licence check

We have become aware of some builders who are operating outside of the conditions put on their builders licence and that should be checked by anyone engaging a builder to undertake building works. The Department of Fair Trading provides a builders licence, but that...
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